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Independent school tuition varies depending on the level of education, services offered, location, and whether or not the school is subsidized.

Thanks to subsidies, independent schools are accessible to families in Quebec.

Private school subsidization

Independent school subsidies are not unique to Quebec. Many countries that are known for having fair and equitable education systems provide choices for families by funding all or some of the independent school network. Public funding for independent schools allows families to enjoy a wide range of educational options, as well as access to services that promote work-family balance.

Expected costs

For subsidized schools, fees vary from $15 to $25 per school day. For non-subsidized schools, costs are generally higher. You should also expect additional fees for class materials, uniforms, extracurricular activities, and childcare costs for elementary school.

Financial aid opportunities

Some independent schools have foundations that provide financial aid for families that are unable to afford school fees. More than 7,000 students in Quebec benefit from financial aid so they can attend the independent school of their choice. This type of financial aid is typically given out according to the family’s needs, as opposed to the student’s academic performance.


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