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Students with special needs

Staff at independent schools are trained to create and implement response plans to support children with academic difficulties. A personalized approach and high-quality support are some of our independent schools’ greatest strengths, helping each child reach their full potential.

Your child faces many challenges every day – feeling comfortable at school should not be one of them!

However, given that government subsidies are not adjusted to accommodate students with disabilities, social challenges, or learning difficulties, it is possible that an independent school will not be able to offer certain students the services they require for their specific needs. If your child has a condition that requires special support, get in touch with the admissions officers at the independent schools in your area to learn more. 

Government policy aims to integrate all students into regular schools and classrooms. However, in certain cases where integration is not the ideal solution, there are also independent schools focusing on special needs that can offer a better solution. 

Your child
is unique!

Find the school that suits them best.

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