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Discover Quebec

Quebec provides a top-tier educational environment for a growing number of foreign students. As safe as it is dynamic, life in Quebec has tons of advantages. At the crossroads of North American and European culture, Quebec enjoys an education system of exceptional quality.


The Quebec education system is internationally renowned for its excellence, notably thanks to its science, sports, and arts programs. The system is divided into four levels: preschool, elementary and secondary, college, and university. Independent schools recognized by the Ministry of Education welcome foreign students.

  • Preschool education, also referred to as kindergarten, welcomes students from 4 to 5 years old.
  • Elementary education takes place over six years. Students are enrolled in 1st grade in the same year that they turn 6 years old, as long as their birthday is earlier than September 30th.
  • Secondary education trains students both generally and vocationally over the course of 5 years.
  • College education is divided between 2-year pre-university programs and 3-year technical training.
  • University education is the path to a bachelor’s degree (1st cycle), a master’s degree (2nd cycle), or a doctorate degree (3rd cycle). Many universities also offer shorter programs.

To learn about our education system
in greater detail, you can visit
the Quebec Ministry of Education’s website.


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