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Arts-études and
danse-études programs

In order to be recognized by the Ministry as an arts-études program, the proposed curriculum must be created with the goal of preparing students for art studies as they move on to higher education. These programs can focus on music, visual art, performing arts, or dance. 

Generally speaking, these programs are accessible to everyone. However, some danse-étude programs are reserved for students studying at the the École supérieure de ballet du Québec and may have specific requirements.

Although few schools in Quebec offer official programs that meet the Ministry’s requirements, independent schools provide excellent artistic options.


Many independent schools offer a variety of tailor-made programs for students that are interested in art, whether their passion lies in music, dance, performance arts, or visual art.

By enrolling in these programs, students can practice their art during class hours under the guidance of teachers that share their passion. As an avenue for students to hone their talent and deepen their cultural understanding, these programs are a fantastic source of motivation.

Enrolled students benefit from art history enrichment, cultural field trips, and more. Some programs are offered in partnership with renowned artistic schools.

To discover the various art programs that are offered by independent schools in your area, consult our database.


Independent schools set themselves apart thanks to their wide range of extracurricular activities, the quality of their sports facilities, and their coaches’ expertise.

Outside of classroom hours, whether it’s during lunchtime or after school, all students have the opportunity to participate in organizing a show side-by-side with professionals.


Find a school that speaks to their passion!

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