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Collège Saint-Bernard


Thanks to a philosophy that focuses our teaching team’s actions on students, CSB has fostered the well-rounded development and full potential of it students since 1962.

CSB’s concerted efforts are aimed at developing students’ perseverance, decision-making skills and esteem for themselves, others and the environment. Upholding the values of respect, hard work and independence, our curriculum maximizes our students’ academic, educational and personal success.

CSB has long been recognized for its expertise in teaching English, its use of technology and its safe and reassuring environment. In September 2017, CSB took a bold educational turn by creating a stimulating and contemporary educational environment designed according to “innovation zones” that foster personalized learning through collaboration. A leader in Quebec, CSB is indeed a cutting-edge school with an enviable learning environment.

CSB’s great diversity of stimulating programs, top-of-the-line sports facilities and rich academic life are unique to the region and ensure the learning and growth of students of varying profiles and socioeconomic backgrounds. Innovative, creative, dynamic and safe, this one-of-a-kind setting is truly adapted to the 21st century.

english, technology, safety. 
Offering a learning environment adapted to the 21st century. Innovative, stimulating, creative, dynamic and safe. A place where passions take shape, skills are honed and friendships can grow.

respect, effort, independence.
A curriculum that maximizes each student’s successes through self-esteem and the consideration of others and the environment, and by developing students’ perseverance and decision-making skills.


balance, development, influence.
Our avant-garde school is a leader in Quebec.

academic, educational and personal success.
Foster students’ well-rounded development and full potential via a philosophy that focuses the teaching team’s actions on students.

Teaching order

  • Kindergarten (5 years)
  • Elementary
  • High School

General Director

Dominic Guévin


25, avenue des Frères, Drummondville (Québec) J2B 6A2

819 478-3330http://

Region : Centre-du-Québec

Municipality : Drummondville


  • Main language of instruction: French
  • Vocation-specific school :
    • Sport-études

Other services

  • Transportation
  • Residence/housing: Garçon, Fille
  • Possibility of being hosted by a family: Boy, Girl
  • Classes dedicated to special needs students
  • Tablet or portable device for students
  • Option to take French courses

School Information

Subsidized school

  • Yes

Admissions information

Contact information

Jade Bazinet Grondin

819-478-333, poste 246

Open houses

On the following dates

October 29, 2023 | 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Admission process

See the open houses of all schools


Total number of students : 1210

Number of kindergarten girls : 23

Number of kindergarten boys : 21

Number of elementary school girls : 154

Number of elementary school boys : 173

Number of high school girls : 375

Number of high school boys : 464

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