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École Montessori de Laval


École Montessori de Laval follows, for over 10 years, the path paved by Doctor Maria Montessori. This centennial approach revolutionized the educational intervention for preschool and elementary students.

Montessori believed that education should primarily be preparation for life and not only for acquiring intellectual skills. This is what our team implements yearly for each student that is entrusted to us.

Our team is dynamic and devoted to providing, for each child, the love for learning and developing his/her abilities and talents in a warm and friendly environment.

Our program bridges traditional and modern ways of teaching through a large range of activities and projects; initialized and executed by the students themselves.

The availability of certain technological tools allows us to constantly tie our family relations when working together to bring out the best in each of our students.

Being a part of École Montessori de Laval, means being a part of a large family; it means having the pleasure of learning and exploring the world, the desire to engage and get involved!

Teaching order

  • Pre-K (4 years)
  • Kindergarten (5 years)
  • Elementary

General Director

Frédérique Prugneau


3315, boulevard de la Concorde est, Laval (Québec) H7E 2C6

450 936-8988

Region : Laval

Municipality : Laval


  • Main language of instruction: French
  • Programmes particuliers :
    • Montessori method

Other services

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    Contact information

    Frédérique Prugneau


    450 936-8988

    Open houses

    By appointment

    October 28th 2023

    Admission process


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    Total number of students : 81

    Number of Pre-K girls : 6

    Number of Pre-K boys : 5

    Number of kindergarten girls : 8

    Number of kindergarten boys : 8

    Number of elementary school girls : 31

    Number of elementary school boys : 24

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